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F74N Formula Wheel

F74N Formula Wheel


F74N Formula wheel 290mm width, aluminum anodized to black base plate.Shifter paddles made of carbon fiber. 3D printed housing with metal core inside.M5 bolts, 70mm pattern. Magnetic shifter system with rigid aluminum construction. Push force can be easily modified by using different amounts and sizes of magnets.

- 8 high quality buttons GQ12B or Knitter Switch MPS103F

- 2 shifter paddles

- 2 top quality rotary encoders (16 detends per revolution, with push button)

- 2 multi-directional switches (4-direction, 30 detends per revolution, with push button)

- aluminum knobs- plug and play with PC

- ultra durable rubber grips with ergonomical shape and leather like surfaceroughness

- Idustrial spring elastic cable with WEIPU connectors, additional extender USB cable and mounting housing

    PTU w tym
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